Master Class: Epidemiological Research – an avant-garde introduction

This interactive Master Class will be based on the recent book by Miettinen and Karp “Epidemiological Research: An Introduction” (Springer 2012). It will have the following five 3-hours sessions:

  1. Etiology as a pragmatic concern and object of study
  2. Etiologic studies’ essentials and typology
  3. Etiologic studies’ objects design
  4. Etiologic studies’ methods design
  5. Etiologic studies’ intervention counterparts

Prerequisite for participation

Prospective participants will send a written e-mail request to Prof. Albert Hofman (


Professor Olli S. Miettinen
Dr. Miettinen is Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Professor of Occupational Health at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Course code: ESP67

Faculty: Olli Miettinen

Date: not scheduled in 2013

Time: 08:45 – 11:45

Course days: Monday to Friday

Prerequisite for participation in this Master Class: Please send a request to Prof. Albert Hofman, NIHES Science Director, by e-mail to