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Pharmaco-epidemiology [ESP21]

Course highlights

EC points


Start date

10 August 2020

End date

14 August 2020

Course days

Monday to Friday (5 mornings)

Course time

From 8:45 till 11:45


Prof. Bruno Stricker

Course fee

€ 490


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam NL




Principles of Research in Medicine and Epidemiology or equivalent knowledge.


  • Pharmaco Epidemiology

Course Materials

Online, download instructions will be sent in August by e-mail.
A laptop is recommended.

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Uarda Petriti


Learn from the best professors in medical science.

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Detailed information about this course:


Faculty: Prof. Bruno Stricker, PhD

Pharmaco-epidemiology pertains to the study of the use and of the effects of drugs. It links clinical pharmacology and epidemiology. This course provides, at an intermediate level, the theoretical basis for studying the intended effects as well as the adverse effects of drugs used in humans. The course will mainly focus on drug research after marketing, including post marketing surveillance and drug risk assessment.

This course is intended for those who already followed introductory courses in study design, data-analysis and principles of research in medicine.

Teaching methods

Plenary interactive teaching with real-life examples and exercises


  • To know more about study designs in pharmaco-epidemiology;
  • To know how to address exposure as a determinant;
  • To know more about drug-specific bias and confounding.

Participant profile

The course is meant for those for whom drug safety and effectiveness research is a part of their current or future professional career. Examples are: clinical epidemiologists, healthcare workers, regulators, and doctors in the pharmaceutical industry.