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Health Economics [ESP25]

Course highlights

EC points


Start date

17 August 2020

End date

21 August 2020

Course days

Monday to Friday (5 afternoons)

Course time

From 13:00 till 16:00 CEST


Dr. Ken Redekop

Course fee

€ 490






Methods of Health Services Research or equivalent knowledge.


  • Health Economics

Course Materials

Online, download instructions will be sent before the start of the course, by e-mail.

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Uarda Petriti


Learn from the best professors in medical science.

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Detailed information about this course:


Faculty: Ken Redekop, PhD

Economic thinking is becoming increasingly important in health care.This course begins with a two day introduction of main concepts of health economics. The remaining three days are used to provide students with more in depth knowledge. The student will learn to analyze the cost-effectiveness of health care interventions (e.g., medicine, diagnostic test, health care programme).

Both methodology and practical examples will be covered. Exercises are used to illustrate the various steps in economic thinking.

//Please note that the course information is subject to change and will be updated from time to time. We will do our utmost best to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on this website.//


By the end of this course participants:

  • Will understand basic principles of health economics and their application at various levels (including country-level and hospital-level policy making and single technology assessments);
  • Will be able to describe the aims and steps of a cost-effectiveness analysis, as well as the role of related activities such as computer modelling, cost analysis, and quality of life assessment;
  • Will be able to perform some basic level cost-effectiveness analyses through computer exercises.