Erasmus Summer Programme Courses

WEEK 1, AUGUST 05 – 09, 2019

    From 8:45 till 11:45
    History of Epidemiologic Ideas [ESP53]

    About this course

    Faculty: Prof. Alfredo Morabia, MD PhD

    This is a methodology course, which focuses on the historical evolution of methods (e.g., study designs) and concepts (e.g., confounding, bias, interaction and causal inference) that constitute today’s epidemiology. For each topic, we review and discuss the historical contexts and some landmark studies that led to specific innovations in terms of performance of group comparisons, population thinking and framing of hypotheses. We finally discuss the historical conditions for the emergence of epidemiology as a scientific discipline, the phases it went through and its potential, future developments.

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WEEK 2, AUGUST 12 – 16, 2019

WEEK 3, AUGUST 19 – 23, 2019