Rotterdam, a city like no other


Rotterdam continues to shine as one of the hottest places to visit, according to the New York Times. With a population of over 600.000, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Initially famous for its port, one of the biggest in Europe, Rotterdam is now one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands for many of its other undiscovered qualities.  Read more

Save the date for ESP 2015

The preliminary date for Erasmus Summer Programme 2015 has been set. Please mark your calendars: August 10 – 28, 2015.

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Just two more weeks until the anticipated start of the Erasmus Summer Programme 2014! Want a sneak-peek at what this year’s programme has to offer? Take a look at this year’s ESP Journal.

If you’re still in doubt about joining the courses you’ve been eyeing all along, this is your last chance to sign-up! The last few hot seats are still available, so grab them while you can.

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Excitement is mounting around the upcoming Erasmus Summer Programme

August is drawing closer and the anticipation is brewing. The Erasmus Summer Programme 2014 is around the corner and all preparations surrounding this well-awaited annual event are in full throttle.

Each year the Erasmus Summer Programme provides hundreds of students, researchers and health professionals with the opportunity to boost their academic careers.

It is a specialized event that offers three weeks of á la carte research training in health sciences. Providing its participants with a broad range of dynamic courses, both introductory and advanced, where people have the flexibility to mix and match the courses to their own individual programme.

Applications are rolling in so make sure you register on time!


We look forward to welcoming you this summer.

Another great success with the 23rd edition of the Erasmus Summer Programme

For the very first time, this year’s Erasmus Summer Programme was hosted in the brand new Education Center of the Erasmus Medical Center. Here, more than 500 participants were welcomed from nearly 50 countries around the world. Participants represented all fields of expertise in health sciences. Each and every one of them with the strong desire to advance their knowledge with the pioneering expertise the Erasmus Summer Programme provides. Set at the highest standards, this programme successfully met the great expectations of all participants.

“Throughout the three-week programme, I have had valuable experiences and developed essential knowledge enhancing my profession in research methodology and data analysis. I have certainly gained the right concepts and new perspectives in doing research that will assist me immensely in my current and future research projects. Hence, I strongly recommend this program to young researchers since this program can offer you the best you’ve ever wanted.”

Pannipa Suwannasom, clinician in the area of cardiology from Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“It is exciting to see so many young and talented health professionals embarking on an international career as a researcher, executive or advisor in the health sciences. Health matters, for patients, people and populations. We are proud to help these talents realize their high ambitions”

Professor Albert Hofman, Scientific Director of the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences

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The Erasmus Summer Programme 2013, last call for registrations!


The start of the 23rd edition of the esteemed Erasmus Summer Programme is just around the corner. An intense three-week programme where students and academic health professionals from all over the world come together to engage in this career-advancing event.

The Erasmus Summer Programme 2013 commences on the 12th of August providing the invaluable opportunity to take part in the programme’s courses, lectures and master classes in cutting-edge biomedical topics. Each course is specially designed to satisfy the needs of students and health professionals with a specific interest – such as clinical medicine, general practice, public health, epidemiology, genetics and biostatistics.

All in all, definitely not an experience to be missed! If you haven’t already, sign up now!

You’re in the picture!

ESP 2012 group picture
Farewell dinner & certificates at Rotterdam’s Wereldmuseum
Erasmus Summer Programme’s Practicals & Presentations
Rotterdam harbour cruise on the Tapasboat

Josine Kuiper about Erasmus Summer Programme

Wageningen University graduate Josine Kuiper holds a master’s degree in Nutritional and Public Health Epidemiology. She is a researcher at the PHARMO Institute for Drug Outcomes Research, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“We perform research on patient-centric data to improve the use, quality and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals ” says Josine. ”My director gave me the opportunity to take the NIHES Pharmaco-epidemiology course, which was also recommended by other colleagues. So that’s why I came here. I also took the Practice of Epidemiologic Data Analysis course this week so as to make the most of my time. I like to keep up with the current knowledge. It’s so refreshing to learn from people who know the tricks of the trade. And they are so good at sharing their practical experience. Yes I guess I’ve already become a lifelong learner!”

Yuchen Wang about Erasmus Summer Programme

Sixth year medical student Yuchen Wang is one of the group of nine talented students from prestigious Peking University Medical College who participated in this year’s summer programme.

“Our college traditionally has strong ties with North America, and we are the first group ever to come to Europe. We followed many courses for two weeks, like epidemiology, and spent the third week in a clinical orientation programme in Erasmus MC. The courses are research-oriented, we noted, but really valuable for our future careers. We’ve had clinical orientation in our own hospital for 18 months already, so it’s refreshing to look around here. I was in several departments in Erasmus, but I’d like to single out the Virology department. It’s very, very strong compared to all other hospitals, terrific. But let’s not forget surgery, microbiology, and infectious diseases, for example. They all have their different strengths and styles.”

Dr. Ursula Rochau about Erasmus Summer Programme

German-born Ursula Rochau trained as a medical doctor, won a scholarship at Tuft University, Boston, USA; and there turned to medical decision-making. Dr. Rochau is now a postdoc at UMIT, the health & life sciences university, Hall in Tyrol, Austria and Oncotyrol – Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine.

“My interest is in decision-analytic modeling in cancer with a focus on chronic myeloid leukemia and here in Rotterdam I’m taking the survival course this week. The participants are from different fields, so we get interesting discussions. What I especially like, apart from the great teachers, is the combination of lectures in the morning and practical computer work in the afternoons. I’m sure it will help me analyze the data of our own projects.

“I also coordinate the winter school programme at UMIT, led by professors Siebert and Hofman ,” says Dr. Rochau. “We will go on developing courses for our own students within the framework of our continuous education programmes.”