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Practice of Epidemiologic Analysis [ESP65]

Course highlights

EC points


Start date

22 August 2022

End date

26 August 2022

Course days

Monday to Friday (5 mornings)

Course time

From 8:45 till 11:45 CEST


Prof. Kamran Ikram

Course fee

€ 490


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam NL




No prior knowledge is required although understanding of basic epidemiology is helpful.


  • Epidemiology
  • Methodology
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Epidemiology

Course Materials

Digitally, download instructions will be sent before the start of the course, by e-mail.

SPSS is required.

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Itai Magodoro


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Detailed information about this course:


Faculty: Prof. Kamran Ikram, MD PhD

This is a course in which the theoretical background and practical application of basic epidemiologic analytic tools is discussed. Most topic discussed in this course lie at the cross-roads of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and covers issues that are typically faced by starting researchers. Topics covered are: Data preparation, Missingness, Categorization, Normalization, Standardization, Stratification, Multiple testing, Sample size calculation.

The goal is to provide students with the understanding and tools to perform their initial epidemiologic data analyses.


  • To gain a better understanding of the theoretical backgrounds of the topics mentioned above.
  • To enable the students to translate the theoretical insights into practical tools, which they can immediately implement in their own research.

Participant profile

The course is particularly intended for students who have completed their data collection and move towards their first data analysis.